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Who Gets to Work in the Digital Economy?

Remote work has become commonplace since the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic. But the focus on daily remote work arrangements may miss a larger opportunity that the pandemic has unearthed: the possibility of a substantially increased labor pool for digital economy work.

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L.A. Zoo Welcomes Baby Giraffe 

Masai baby giraffe makes debut at L.A. Zoo. The calf weighs in at 172 pounds and stands at six foot, seven inches, which makes this calf the tallest giraffe calf in the history of the Los Angeles Zoo.

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Gary Winnick

Gary Winnick, a global financier and philanthropist, helped raise billions to fund transformative technologies and corporate innovation.

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Susan Wegleitner

Susan Wegleitner is a Senior Managing Director of Winnick & Company and has held senior management positions with some of the nation’s most important financial institutions.

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